Become a Crew Member

Silent Labors (a Real Vend LLC company) is seeking the potential crews (deaf/hearing-impaired/hard-of-hearing) like you from various cities across the USA who want to get the best support and training from Silent Labors’s awesome team to allow you to earn income (part-time or full time) for providing the moving and installation/assembly services for the customers.

If you believe you can prove the world that you are capable of building the awesome things, assemble the challenging products, or moving the stuff for the customers, at the same time, making sure that the customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, then you can sign up here to be an awesome contractor (crew member). Please don’t be afraid to ask us if you need our help on making yourself to be an awesome builder/installer/assembler.

After we received your form, we will contact you immediately via text, call, VP, FT or FB and discuss with you.

Remember, study Silent Labors site first – to allow you to understand better on what we are providing the services for customers.

  • Note: We encourage the use of text communication for faster response time.
  • VP = VideoPhone
    Basic Tools - such as screwdriver, pliers, etc.
    Vehicle (car, van or truck) is necessary when becoming a Silent Labors crew member.