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Lawn Care, Landscaping and Tree Trimming/Planting Services

We do complete lawn maintenance, landscaping, gardening and tree trimming services.  We also do any small yard job around your house (hauling yard debris or trash, pressure washing, aeration, thatching, etc.). We believe in getting the job done to your satisfaction.

We will work with you on the lawn care, landscaping, and/or garden. We are dedicated to establishing a relationship with each customer, and we make an effort to listen to you throughout your project. We can provide a variety of services as listed here:

  • Tree Services

    • •Tree Trimming
    • •Tree Pruning
    • •Tree Planting
  • Lawn Services

    • •Shrub or Hedge Trimming
    • •Spring/Fall Clean-up
    • •Lawn Mowing (Weekly/Monthly)
    • •Weed Control/Removal
  • Garden

    We have the hands-on, natural approach to gardening. The level of care your garden needs depends upon its current state. Accordingly, services offered by Silent Labors Gardening Services with the range from design of a new garden, bed or container, to renovation of an old or troubled garden; consultation and plant identification help answer questions that have been inhibiting your garden’s success; expert maintenance ensures that your garden is well cared for and can be provided on a regular basis or as needed.

  • Snow Removal

    • •Shoveling
    • •Snow Blower
    • •Salting pavement