Maid Services

Maria scrubbing a dirty tub at a customer’s home
Silent Labors’ original four maids. (From left to right, Melissa, Alexa, Maria, Kayla)
Melissa dusting the oven vent at a customer’s home
Before and After! The maids left the place spotless and the customer in good spirits! 

Maid Services

This cleaning service is an extension of the services that Silent Labors offers. Not only that, but it is an example of how multi-talented our guys and gals are! With this service comes a variety of specific services such as interior cleaning at a residential location, or interior office cleaning, as well as at any commercial locations.

We also offer Hell-Raising cleaning service. If you’ve just hosted an epic party and don’t feel like cleaning, we’re your gals. If you are not the best at keeping your place tidy, that’s alright, we can clean that for you without any judgments.

We offer a one-time or recurring service of your choice! If you’re interested, there are many specific cleaning services below for you to choose from. We look forward to working for you.

  • Interior Cleaning

    • • House
    • •Apartment/Condo
    • • Studio
    • • One-time or recurring service of your choice
  • Office Cleaning

    • • Any office location
    • • Any commercial location
    • • One-time or recurring service of your choice
  • Hell-Raising Cleaning

    • • Party leftovers
    • • Hoarding
    • We do not judge, we are simply there to clean up your mess and leave the place spotless with the customer in good spirits.
  • Cleaning Supplies

    We use standard cleaning supplies use for regular to heavy duty cleaning. Equipments used to clean with are a mop, sweeping broom with dustpan included, toilet bowl cleaner, as well as a brush used for heavy-duty scrubbing.

    We also have a carpet cleaner machine that is available to use as per your request.

    Do you prefer your home or commercial location to be cleaned with GREEN cleaning solutions? Just say so! Environmental cleaning solutions will be provided as per your request.