Playset and SwingSet

Gorilla Playset Treasure Trove with Malibu – top of the line.
Gorilla Playset Frontier – another top of the line. We built it near the lakefront.
Gorilla Playset Navigator – Monkey bars
Backyard Discovery playset
Backyard Discovery playset
Lifetime Swing Set
Lifetime Swing Set

PlaySet / SwingSet

Are you dreading the process of building the complex playset / swingset for your kids?

If so, you can count on Silent Labors Playset / Swingset Services to assist you. Since 2015,  Silent Labors Playset / Swingset Services has been offering the playset and swingset assembly, disassembly/relocate/re-assembly, installations to residential and commercial customers in certain locations across the USA. All of our talented multi-skilled crews undergo continuous training and have the technical expertise to build these playset / swingset projects for customers.

We guarantee our quality work and your satisfaction.

We have hundreds of 5 star reviews from many well-known sites as our true testimonials to prove that we CAN do it for you.

We are offering the playset / swingset build services as shown here.

  • Swing Set

    • • Basic Swing Set – $179+
    • • Large/Complex Swing Set – $249+
    • jay
  • Play Set

    • • Small Playset – $350+
    • • Medium Playset – $450+
    • • Large Playset – $600+